A Fuel Saving Tablet On The Move


The secret to make fuel last longer and pay less at the gas pump.

Gain More MPG
Get More Miles Per Gallon

Xweet Members have reported as much as 10 - 20% and even more miles per gallon.

Efficient Engine
Boost Power and Performance

One tablet treats 10 gallons of fuel and is safe for all gas and diesel engines.

Better for the Planet
Reduce Emissions and Exhaust

Our formula uses advanced technology and is EPA registered*.

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About our fuel tabs and MPG and What People are Saving

Our revolutionary, super concentrated fuel catalyst helps break down large hard-to-burn fuel particles, capturing more energy from the fuel, resulting in maximum fuel economy with reduced emissions.


Hear from satisfied customers

Sue Pollard

I have always used the highest premium octane fuel. This costs me an extra 50 to 60 cents more per gallon. I was really hesitant to drop the fuel tabs in my tank for the first time. It also made me extremely nervous to put regular fuel in my Mercedes. After one use, I was sold. I’m saving money but more important, my car is running better than ever and I’m getting roughly 70 miles more per tank!

Kenny Gilmore

I filled my 2020 Toyota Tacoma TSS off Road truck and it showed 303 miles distance to empty. I went from Brandon MS to Union MS and back then to Forest MS to see flowers in bloom then back home. I drove 219 miles and is still showed 152 miles to empty that is a gain of 68 miles that is an increase of just under 23% increase in MPG. We are thrilled. We never want to be without our fuel tabs.

Mark Gilewicz

I started using fuel tabs over 5 years ago and currently use them in two vehicles. I am currently getting a 17% increase in fuel mileage in my Lexus RX350, but where fuel tabs really shine is when your vehicle requires premium fuel. What's truly amazing is that I don't have to use expensive premium fuel anymore in a 2013 BMW 335i and I am saving over $1.00/ gallon. That's a savings of almost $20 per tank! The vehicles run stronger and cleaner with almost no toxic emissions and I am saving a ton of money! Why would anyone not use fuel tabs in all their vehicles?

green grass

Why our Fuel Tabs?

Established and based in the USA, our mission is to provide products that help fuel to burn more efficiently, which significantly reduces harmful emissions and helps our Customers and Members save money. For the first time in history we have a product that keeps money in your pocket by saving approximately 3-5 times the cost of our product at the current fuel prices.

It’s as simple as dropping a small tablet into your gas tank, every time you fill up.

For almost 2 decades our fuel tabs have been used by countless satisfied real world customers. Our fuel tabs dissolve and disperse completely which promotes a cleaner and more efficient burn that saves you money and prolongs engine life.

Our fuel tabs are considered a fuel enhancer and conditioner that accelerates the combustion process and burns the fuel more efficiently. This utilizes more of the fuel and reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the air.

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