Our fuel tabs, help your fuel burn more efficiently and completely. Our fuel tabs are unparalleled in the MPG industry, it's the only product that truly reduces toxic emissions and operating temperatures.


The key issue is TEMPERATURE. Engine combustion chambers combust unevenly, some areas do not reach the minimum ignition temperatures. The results: some fuel molecules only being partially burned, or not at all. This creates carbon build up and higher exhaust emissions.

Our fuel tabs technology is a combustion based catalyst that includes fuel surface modifiers, and deposit surface modifiers. They fundamentally change a fuel's ability to com bust at the molecular level. Without our fuel tabs, the carbon-based molecules in diesel, gasoline, and other fossil fuels ignite at approximately 600 degrees and burn to about 1200 degrees. As a catalyst and a burn rate modifier, our fuel tabs lower the energy of the activation burn rate for fuel Ignition. This allows fuel to ignite at temperatures closer to 200 degrees as opposed to 600.

That's what makes the technology so revolutionary and unique!

It's important to point out, this is all accomplished without boosting the fuel's octane, or modifying the engine management or emissions systems. By significantly lowering the ignition point of individual fuel molecules, much more of the fuel is completely burned, extracting more energy f rom every molecule, with almost no carbon deposits, and significantly less exhaust emissions. Specif ically, CO2 output along with CO, SOx, NOx, HC's and PM-10 are greatly reduced (all of which are hazardous emissions that degrade air quality, promote global warming and are harmful to your health).

The impact of this green fuel technology on your mileage, emissions and maintenance is very significant and measurable. So how does that benefit you and your bottom line? For starters:

10% to 20% increased mileage (it harnesses more energy from each fuel molecule).

Up to 85% emissions reduction (more of the fuel at a molecular level is consumed).

In addition to better fuel mileage, reduced emissions & lower fuel combustion temperatures, you can also expect other valuable benefits:

Increased power in any diesel or gasoline engine

91 octane gasoline can be replaced by 87 octane without changing performance of the engine

Longer maintenance cycles between oil changes and particulate filters replacements (on heavy trucks and machinery) along with fewer impacts on emission systems and equipment

Future carbon deposit buildup is eliminated

*Pre-existing carbon buildup is also eliminated, without using a single detergent

Longer life on all components exposed to combustion like, fuel injectors, valves, pistons, etc.

Greatly reduce use of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for diesel vehicles made since 2010.

Our fuel tabs save money and run green every time you start your engine!

*The process of removing carbon deposits by our fuel tab products begins immediately, but can take up to 600 hours of engine operation, or 4,000 miles before carbon deposits are fully removed. The actual time required to notice and get the full benefits of our fuel tabs depends on the operation, history, extent of the carbon deposit build-up and age of the engine in question.