Frequently Asked Questions

I just started using my fuel tabs and I'm not seeing a difference in my milage yet, is that typical?

Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tanks to see results, others see results right away. If you do not see the results you were expecting, it might be because you have a newer car, or truck that has an on-board computer, they can save data for over 20,000 trips. In this case, remove the positive battery cable and leave it overnight, that should reset the on-board computer. You should then see actual results.

How many gallons does a fuel tablet treat?

Each fuel tablet treats 10 gallons of gasoline.

Can our fuel tablets damage my engine or fuel lines?

No. Our fuel tablets are completely harmless to the fuel lines and engine. No caustic chemicals or detergents are utilized in the tablets or liquid, and they are 100% Bio-degradable. Additionally, our fuel tablets are backed by a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and two decades of satisfied customers. Our fuel tablets have never had a claim filed against the policy.

There are other products on the market how do they compare?

It's true, there are products coming on the market as we expected. Rest assured, our fuel tabs are the industry leaders and are considered the Gold standard. Everyone will be comparing themselves to us in time (many have already done so!) We have a proprietary process during manufacturing that can't be duplicated.

Do the tablets treat diesel fuel as well?

YES! our fuel tablets can be used in any fossil fuel. And you will save on DEF as well if you are driving a vehicle that uses diesel and requires DEF.

How do I put the Tablets in my fuel tank?

The process mostly used is taking the tablets and inserting them in the end of the nozzle of the pump, then inserting the nozzle into the tank. If your vehicle is a little older, you can probably drop the tablet directly into the tank. Most newer vehicles come with a small funnel in the trunk, or wheel well that can also be utilized. If not you can buy an anti siphon funnel at any auto parts store.

What happens if I switch from premium fuel, as recommended by the manufacture, to regular unleaded?

You'll save more money! Our fuel tabs will not negatively affect your engines performance.

Can I buy your fuel tabs as a customer?

Absolutely! Every car, truck and van need this product and we love our customers.

Can I sell this product to commercial carriers like UPS, FED-X etc?

If you have a relationship and the ability to have discussions on the executive level, of course you can sell to them. They need to save on fuel costs!

Can this be used in aviation fuel?

No. The Federal Aviation Administration is very clear about additives in the tanks of airplanes and helicopters. They cannot be added.

Are your fuel tabs registered with the EPA?

A resounding YES! Our registration number is #237720001*.

If the engine runs cooler, how does it burn fuel better?

Great question! it sounds a little off that an engine would burn fuel more efficiently running cooler. You'd think that the hotter the engine, the better the fuel burns. Amazingly enough, the engine when using our fuel tabs, utilizes the fuel more efficiently, due to the fact that the molecules are much smaller and provide more surface area, resulting in a more thorough burn at lower temperatures.

How long has the product been on the market?

The product was designed and manufactured in 1998. After 5 years of fine tuning, it first became available for retail purchase in 2003.

Is there an MSDS sheet that can be reviewed?

Yes, we have it on file and is available to First Responders and Facilities where the product is being stored.

Are there any other additives that need to be added to enhance the performance of our fuel tabs in gas or diesel?

No. Our fuel tabs are the only additive that has the global effect in the engine. Better milage, better performance from the engine, removal of carbon buildup, reduction in emissions and engine temperature reduction.

There are other tabs on the market that make similar claims, why should I choose our fuel tabs?

It's hard to listen to all the chatter and make a decision. The reality is pretty simple. We have the data to support our claims, the history of satisfied customers with no claims against our insurance policy. We are 100% made in the USA, we are registered with the EPA. We haven't seen these credentials from any other company to date. Simply ask anyone who claims to have a competitive product to show their EPA Registration number.

Is there an app from iTunes or Android, that is available for calculations that can be utilized?

Our App is coming soon, we do however have an ROI calculator available on our website.

Can I sell these fuel tabs on Youtube or other social media sites?

As long as it has been reviewed and approved in writing by compliance, Yes. Any attempts to sell on social media without prior written approval, can result in termination of your Member position.

Can I place family members or prospects under each other to help build my down line?

There wouldn't be an advantage to placing prospects or family directly under each other as they would not be considered personally sponsored. The real advantage in the structure is to build wide, and help your people duplicate the process. It is also against company policy to have multiple positions, or multiple people in the same household. Husband and wife are considered as one Member position. Individuals are also not allowed to have ownership in multiple positions, anyone who violates this rule is subject to termination.

If I stop selling the the fueltabs or other products, what happens to my income from my teams I've built?

If you remain qualified as an Member, you will continue to receive commissions from the business you have built. If you become inactive, or do not continue to stay qualified under the Terms and Conditions and the Policies and Procedures, your income will stop.

What countries can I sell in?

Any country the company is in operation. Here's the interesting part. We have over 322 million people in the USA, we have 128 million households in the USA, we have an average of 1.88 cars per household. That means we have over 240 million cars and trucks that need our product. This doesn't take into consideration commercial vehicles or agriculture vehicles! Let's start here.